Proper light is very important for our health and well-being. Not every light source is the same which can quickly be observed when we take a closer look at light spectral composition. With old technology (such as incandescent or fluorescent light sources) that part of light couldn’t be controlled, where with LED we can precisely determine the wavelengths of the light spectrum. When choosing artificial light source, not only the design of the lights is important, but the light spectral composition and light distribution too.    

Exposure to the skylight or proper artificial LED sources has many positive effects on human bodies. But how do we know when we are not exposed enough to such light? What are the consequences? One of the biggest effects is the disruption of the circadian rhythm, that cannot be observed in short term but can happen over a few months or even years. Most common symptoms are linked to insomnia, depression, SAD - Seasonal affective disorder, poor mental performance, weight gain, breast cancer, immune system not developing itself, and other.


As a response to negative effects of existing artificial lighting, in recent years a new topic of artificial lighting started to emerge - Human centric lighting (HCL). HCL “mimics” daylight during the day and creates the best possible conditions for people staying indoors. By providing visual, biological and emotional benefits, Human Centric Lighting solutions can support the human circadian rhythm, enhance concentration, prevent sleeping disorders and improve our overall well-being. 

Benefits of HCL:

  • Improved health and sleep
  • Productivity and enhanced performance
  • Visual acuity
  • Improved safety
  • Energy savings and sustainability

Lighting fixtures with HCL change their light throughout the day, bringing daylight indoors via artificial light.

CCT SKY low qual

Morning: 5500K with lover intensity to start the day energized and alert.

Midday to evening: Intensity increases through the morning for productive work. The peak intensity is reached at approx. 2pm.

Evening: Intensity is slowly decreasing for a relaxed evening and peaceful sleep. Colour temperature also changes from 5500K to 3000K.


The SKY LUM is our first Human Centric Lighting product line and a showpiece of the LUMENIA INTERIOR portfolio. With their outstanding characteristics, HCL luminaires provide an exceptional visual, emotional, and biological comfort for everyone.

SKY LUM pendant 12.33  Lumenia 1


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